Loaves of Plenty Ministry at Cornerstone

Community Helping Community


About Loaves of Plenty

Our ministry’s mission is to prayerfully provide both spiritual and tangible support to those in our community who are homeless, downtrodden, or have fallen on hard times. This might include buying groceries, having a bill paid, buying a tank of gas, or even providing some necessities like clothing. We will pray with you and we can offer to answer questions about having a relationship with Christ in a personal setting. Our desire is to be the hands and feet of Jesus in our community.

How Can I Get Involved?

First, we need your prayers for this ministry and everyone it touches. Second, we are seeking dedicated leaders and volunteers to help support this ministry. And finally, we can use monetary donations to help fund the ministry’s outreach opportunities within the community. Please contact Jamie Fellows: jamie@cornerstonecommunity.net or 760-799-8048.

What if I or Someone I Know Has a Need?

Through this ministry, we will aim to help in any way possible. Please submit requests to Jamie Fellows. All requests must also be reviewed and approved by Cornerstone’s Board of Elders.

If you have a need that Loaves of Plenty can help with, please contact Jamie Fellows.