Love in Action Ministry at Cornerstone

A ministry of serving, caring, and showing the love of Jesus to those who need His touch


What is Love in Action?

Love In Action will try to meet needs that come to our attention from our church family in several different areas that may include prayer, encouragement (cards, emails, flowers, etc.), meals, visitation, helping with errands, and rides to doctor appointments. Obviously, we cannot do everything for everyone, but our hearts hope to pitch in and help when we can. It is most important that our church family knows we care for and love them! The Women’s Ministry is thrilled about the huge potential this ministry has to reach out to those in our church and, eventually as we grow, to those in our community. We hope to show Jesus’ love in a very real and tangible way.

How Can I Get Involved?

We need your help in accomplishing this for the program to succeed! Please pray about where the Lord wants you to serve. Then complete the volunteer form and place it in the offering box, leave it in the CCC office, or email your information to Dell Elias. If you volunteer, do not feel you will be committed to help every time there is a need. We will be grateful any time you can participate!

What if I or Someone I Know Has a Need?

We will try to meet needs that come to our attention from our church family as best we can. As this ministry grows, we hope and pray that we can extend it beyond our church family.

If you have a need that Love in Action can help with, please contact Dell Elias.