Missions Ministry At Cornerstone

Partnering with God in Reaching the World

Our purpose is to see our members become passionate about God’s heart for the lost and hurting. We aim to inform and equip them to be proactively involved in strategic outreach ministries locally, nationally, and globally to spread the Word of God and reach people for Christ.

Our Vision for Missions: To see the members of Cornerstone Community Church become passionate about God’s heart for the lost and hurting. Become proficient in ministry skills and pro-actively involved in strategic outreach ministries locally, nationally and globally to spread the Word of God and reach people for Christ.

Missions Committee Members: Barry & Mary Beth Bale, Bev Williams, Christina Fahad

To get involved with the Missions Ministry, email Barry or email Mary Beth.

Missions Ministry Partners

To learn more about each one of the Missions Ministry Partners we support, please visit the organization's website.


Awaken: Reno

To help end commercial sexual exploitation

Melissa Holland, Co-founder, Executive Director • Jen Robinson, Co-founder

Mission: Awaken conducts outreach and provides direct services to women and girls to help them transition out of commercial sexual exploitation (CSE). Nearly all victims served by Awaken have had a history of emotional, physical, or sexual abuse. We help program participants with long-term and emergency needs including basic outreach, mentorship services, counseling, transitional housing, transportation, financial aid for college, legal and medical assistance, drop-in center (detail below) and much more.

Drop-In Center: In January 2016, Awaken, with the support from caring community partners, opened the Awaken Drop-in Center, located off 4th and Spokane St, a hot spot for trafficking, prostitution and CSE.

Prevention: Awaken offers preventative education efforts targeting the most vulnerable population – disadvantaged youth. Awaken presents at school assemblies, delivers classroom-based curriculum to students, and works with youth groups to talk to local students about the realities of human trafficking and how to prevent it from happening to them or their loved ones.

City Transformation: In order to effectively advocate for social change, our community must be involved. Through our lobbying and outreach efforts, Awaken is reaching a diverse cross-section of Nevadans from grassroots supporters to policymakers. We aim to educate and empower individuals with the information and resources they need to combat sex trafficking and CSE.


Crisis Aid: Ethiopia

Fighting extreme poverty and hunger

Pat & Sue Bradley

Nutritional Feeding Program: Fighting severe malnutrition, which causes families to lose multiple children.

Mercy Chapel: Teaching girls trapped in the red-light district new skills to start new lives.

Refuge Homes: Girls rescued from the horrors of trafficking receive the best services possible for healing.

Water Wells: Providing clean water for thousands. Children’s Home for Girls: Girls once orphaned, are now living in a loving home and growing fast.

Children’s Home for Girls: Girls once orphaned, are now living in a loving home and growing fast.

Together with its partners, Crisis Aid International has provided 13 million pounds of food to 2 million adults and malnourished children, rescued more than 700 girls age 4 to 30 years old from sex trafficking, and more.


Crisis Pregnancy Center: Reno

Free Resources and Services For Those Expecting

Otto and Joy Kelly, Directors • Mechele LaBrie, Center Director

An informed choice is a better choice. Crisis Pregnancy Center of Reno is a community resource that provides factual information in a confidential setting to explore options. We educate on the documented outcomes of the choices. All of our services are free of charge, thanks to your generous support:

Pregnancy tests
Options counseling with trained peer counselors
Pregnancy verification for Social Services
Limited ultrasound for dating of pregnancy
Ongoing support and friendship
P.A.C.E. – Post-Abortion Counseling & Education, Confidential Post-Abortion Group sessions


Evangelism Explosion International

Reaching the ends of the earth with the Gospel

Dr. Ken J. Silva

Evangelism Explosion is a ministry that trains people on how to share their faith in Christ and how to bring people from unbelief to belief. It utilizes a variety of components including prayer, actual on-the-job training where the experienced lead the inexperienced, and the principle of spiritual multiplication.

Multiplication” is the key component, not just winning people to the Lord one-by-one (addition). But training those won to the Lord to win, and then train, others. In the Book of Acts, we read that the disciples “multiplied” and “multiplied exceedingly.” This shift from addition to spiritual multiplication offers the one real hope of sharing the Gospel with a world population that is, itself, continually multiplying.

On-the-job training is another vital ingredient. By going out with experienced trainers in real-life witnessing situations, people learn how to share their faith. Much like learning to fly an airplane would be impossible without getting in the cockpit, evangelism is difficult without leaving the confines of a classroom. By learning small parts of the Gospel each week, including Bible verses and illustrations, people incrementally grasp a Gospel tool that becomes a lifelong mission.

Dr. Silva oversees the worldwide ministry of E.E. that saw over 10 million people come to Christ thru its training ministry just this last year.

Ken grew up in Tahoe City, CA, where he continues to visit and minister regularly. He now lives with his wife in Salem, OR.


Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI)

Building partnerships to empower indigenous church planters

Vincent Michael

Forgotten Missionaries International (FMI) was incorporated in 1986 after Ed Todd, a retired missionary who had served across South America and Asia, along with his wife Mabel, envisioned an agency that would empower and resource indigenous church leaders for evangelism and discipleship in their own homelands. While teaching at a Bible college in the Philippines, Ed saw that many students who had been supported financially by Western Christians during their years of study were too quickly forgotten by Western supporters after they graduated and forced to find secular jobs instead of pursuing their original calling to serve Christ full-time.

Since the time that FMI has come alongside these pastors and restored their passion and vision, hundreds of national church leaders have radiated across Muslim-dominated lands, hundreds of churches have been planted, and nearly 60,000 men and women have placed their faith in Jesus Christ.

FMI is not a sending organization; it is an empowering organization. Unlike most Western mission agencies which recruit, train, and send missionaries from here to go there, all of FMI’s overseas church planters, pastors, and evangelists already live there – they are indigenous to the countries where they serve. Our distinctive strategy allows FMI to serve in some of the world’s spiritually darkest countries in extremely cost-effective and time-effective ways.

Because of the economic realities of the countries where FMI operates, a national pastor working in his homeland is supported through FMI at $120 per month. Our indigenous church planters and disciple-makers do not need visas to live or work there; they already speak the language, understand the culture, and enjoy significant relationships with people within their communities… so they’re ready to serve full-time from the moment our national boards approve them for church-planting work.

Mission Fields


Good News for India

George & Leela Chavanikamannil

Good News for India is an interdenominational Christian organization that is committed to training, sending, and supporting Indian national Christians to preach the Gospel and strengthen the Church in the Indian subcontinent. We also serve the poor and needy in the Name of Jesus in obedience to the command of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. We do this by supporting Bible Colleges, churches, schools, orphanages, and other humanitarian ministries

1. Training National Christians.
Supports New Theological College, North India
With the conviction that one of the most important keys in reaching India with the Gospel is training national Christians, Good News for India supports several training centers in India. One of them is New Theological College

2. Sending and supporting laborers.
In addition to training national Christians we also support them to serve needy people in the Name of Jesus.
a) Primary and Secondary Schools
Quality primary and secondary education is a crucial need that exists in many communities that we serve. Good News for India is currently supporting, fully or partially, ten primary/secondary schools that serve over 3,000 needy children.
b) Orphanages and Child Care Centers
We also serve scores of children who either do not have parents to care for them, or whose parents are incapable of caring for them. We do this through the orphanages and childcare centers that we fully support. They receive the best education possible so that each child would grow up to be a productive citizen of the country.
c) Churches

We are a Christian ministry. Everything we do is motivated by the two supreme commandments of the Lord Jesus as found in the Gospel of Mark 12: 29 to 31: “The most important one (commandment), answered Jesus, is this: ‘Hear, O Israel, the Lord our God, the Lord is one. Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”

Jesus taught that all those who love God with all their heart, soul, mind and strength will love their fellow human beings as themselves and serve them whole-heartedly because every human being is created in God’s image and is loved and cherished by the Creator. We desire to share this momentous teaching with all who would listen. We are one hundred percent against any use of force, deception or any other dehumanizing methods to share the teachings of Jesus.

This can be done only through communities of believers who worship God and serve others. We desire to see such communities all through the country.


Kids Alive: Peru

Serving the some of the poorest children on earth with food, shelter, education, and more.

Missionaries – Dan and Katie Anderson • Children: Lucy, Lydia, Davy, and John

Offer needy kids shelter, nutritious food, clothing, education help, basic job skills, and protection from child predators. The beauty that is Peru can sometimes obscure the hopelessness: desperate poverty, rampant disease, and lack of sanitation and education. Kids Alive International ministry sites offer the following: 

Juniper Tree Children’s Home: The Lima children’s home in Pachamama currently has 30 children in five family homes. 

Manchay Oasis School and Care Center: Center started to help the many desperately poor mothers who felt forced to abandon their children at the Lima Children’s Home. 

Orchard Children’s Home: Newly opened, it consists of family-style homes for 40 children led by loving house parents. 

Mission TEC Care Center: Started 36 years ago, the early ministry provided technical training and Christian discipleship to young adults to help them break the cycle of poverty while introducing them to Jesus. In 2005 the Care Center began a girls’ club program that now serves over 200 kids, ages 7-17. 

House of Glory: A shelter for teenage girls and their babies who have been victims of domestic violence resulting in pregnancy.  kidsaliveperu.org • Anderson Family Blog • Request to Join Facebook Group


Las Tres Palmas (Real Life Ministries)

Helping build homes for the homeless in Mexico

Dennis Hollenbeck, Director

Las Tres Palmas, a ministry of Real Life Ministries (RLM), focuses on helping build homes for the homeless in Mexico. Located just 90 minutes from San Diego beaches, thousands of Ensenada residents lack basic shelter and four walls to call home. Under the direction of Dennis Hollenbeck, RLM seeks to alleviate this problem, one home at a time.

Since 1996, RLM has built sturdy homes for more than 400 families. The homes are built by teams sent from partner churches in the United States and Canada. Each home costs approximately $3,500 and takes one week to complete. During the week, the teams hold daily Bible Clubs for children. We build for eternity!

Our Vision
Our vision is clear: impact the communities around us with the saving grace of Jesus Christ. This simple vision involves many avenues of ministry. In each, we strive to spread the love of Jesus and the true gospel, free to all who choose to listen and obey. We believe our role in Mexico and in the world is to equip, train, help, and evangelize those whom the Lord puts before us.

Our vision includes establishing partnerships with local churches, ministry organizations, and government. Cultivating these relationships allows us to achieve maximum impact in Mexico. We love and embrace the vibrant culture of Mexico; we seek to help the people of Mexico, not change their rich traditions and culture.


Samaritan’s Purse: Operation Heal our Patriots in Alaska

Giving wounded veterans and their spouses the opportunity for spiritual refreshment, physical renewal, and marriage enrichment

Operation Heal Our Patriots gives wounded veterans and their spouses the opportunity for spiritual refreshment, physical renewal, and marriage enrichment. Couples participate in Biblically based seminars that help strengthen their relationships with God and others and enjoy the beauty of God’s creation with outdoor activities at our Alaskan wilderness lodge. We continue to support these men and women after their initial stay, keeping their spiritual needs and marriages a priority.


Sierra Community House: Hunger Relief (formerly Project Mana)

Helping Those Facing Hunger in North Lake Tahoe and Truckee

Paul Bancroft, Executive Director • Miren Hower Merrill, Program Director

Alleviate hunger in North Lake Tahoe/Truckee region by providing weekly food distributions, rescuing food that would otherwise be thrown away, and providing resources and referrals to other needed services. 

For more information on food distribution services, visit the Sierra Community House website.

All are welcome, services are free, and no proof of income, ID, or other documents are required to receive services. If you need an alternative way to access food assistance, please call 775-545-4083 or email food@sierracommunityhouse.org.


Tahoe Family Solutions

Serving Families with Resources, Services, and Guidance in the Tahoe Basin

Leslie Blunden, MA, Program Director

Provide key resources and enhance skills for families in the Tahoe Basin. Tahoe Family Solutions (TFS) is a private, non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, providing low/no cost services to children and families living along the North Shore of Lake Tahoe since 1991. Today, they offer an array of community-based services tailored to the needs of local residents. Education, mental health, and youth development are primary areas of TFS’s focus. In addition, they offer case management and referrals, environmental education (through a summer camp program), and parent education. TFS also operates a local thrift store offering new and gently used clothing, furniture, and household items.


Tahoe Neighborhood Table

Serving the Lake Tahoe Communities

Meera Beser

Meera is a blessing to our communities. She coordinates and executes several annual community events and drives in the North Lake Tahoe region, but she cannot do it without the help of others through donations, prayers, and volunteers.

Tahoe Community Thanksgiving Celebration: Annual Thanksgiving dinner that has historically provided over 600 meals to community members.
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Winter Warmth & Wellness: Annual drive that has historically provided food, health and hygiene items, and warm winter coats to members of over 200 families.
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Toys for Tots: Annual toy drive that historically has provided Christmas presents to 200 children in Incline Village and 500 in North Lake Tahoe.
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Young Life: Tahoe / Truckee

Connecting Youth With A Positive Faith

We are committed to introducing adolescents to Jesus Christ and helping them grow in their faith. Young Life also aims to establish and maintain a presence at all high schools and middle schools in the local area.

Crazy About Kids: Young Life thinks the world of kids. We believe that they deserve to know what life can hold for them. Young Life leaders are caring adults who come sharing that hope as well as fun and lasting friendships with kids. Young Life is also all about fun. From club and camp to Campaigners and other activities, teenagers will have a blast laughing, trying new things, and being with their friends.

The Role of a Young Life Leader: Leaders are committed to being involved with kids’ lives — from supporting them at their sporting events to listening to them talk about what’s important to them. Our leaders help kids consider the direction of their lives, and they offer hope for their future.

Parents and Community: Even though Young Life is especially for kids, parents and other adults in the community are important to Young Life. Adults can support Young Life in a variety of ways — by becoming a volunteer leader or committee member, by attending a Young Life fund-raising event, by hosting Young Life, or by simply telling others in the community about Young Life and its commitment to kids.