Designed for Hope

Hope…Perseverance…Action – We get to be part of God’s victory. He could use stones if He wanted, but He chooses to use us!

Victorious Living (Live)

Digging Deeper

In his message today, Pastor Ron helps answer the question many of us have – how do we live with a winning attitude in the midst of turmoil?

Are We In Debt To Jesus? (Live)

Digging Deeper

Once you accept Christ, you are on a new road with a different destination. Let your heart accept what Christ has done and how much Jesus loves you. Our point of salvation starts the time we begin to see your new path with God’s light and glory.
Pastor Ron delivers today’s message entitled “Are We In Debt To Jesus?”.

Sermon Notes:

Move the Stone

Digging Deeper

Pastor Ron shares the story of Lazarus to emphasize “Moving the Stone” in our lives. He shares that God’s plan is much bigger than us – all we have to do is move the stone, no matter how impossible it may seem, and God will do the rest! We shouldn’t be concerned with our limited understanding, just anticipate God’s victory and us being a part of His plan!

Are You a Fast-Food Christian?

Digging Deeper

Ron Falstad continues our studies in Philippians 4: 4-9.

  1. Do Delight in God.
  2. Don’t have anxiety and live in it.
  3. Do be intentional in thought and deed. Bring all things to God in confidence… and leave it there.

When we don’t set our minds on His things, we will fill our minds with our things. Your mind never stops. It is like a leaking faucet in a bucket and the water is what we put into our minds. When the bucket is full nothing else can come in. Let God be God… don’t settle for anything else.