Lies About the Christian Life that Need Correcting for 2021

Digging Deeper

Are you in a spiritual ditch because of all the 2020 craziness? Often in our journey of walking with God we can embrace lies that derail our walk and put us in a ditch, so to speak. This week we will look at the lies we might believe about the role of Scripture in our daily lives.

Sermon Notes:

Holding Back Or All In

Digging Deeper

We look at the reluctance of the rich young man to give all, and the consequences of that decision. All of us are called by God to make the same choice daily and our fruitfulness, the adventure in our faith, and the abundance of our lives depend on our response. The great thing is…our God is patient and is always ready to receive us in His loving arms.

The Glory of God

Digging Deeper

The angels’ opening statement to the shepherds in the Gospel of Luke is “glory to God in the highest.” What exactly does that mean? What is the role of God’s glory when he acts in His creation? Let’s explore this idea together, it can be life-changing.

Christmas Eve Service 2020

We invite you to an intimate, reflective observance of our Savior’s birth on Christmas Eve. Singing, readings, and an inspiring message from Pastor Tony awaits you on this special occasion.

The Waymaker

Digging Deeper

Jesus cleared the temple to make a way to the altar, thereby making a way to the cross. Let’s not forget the real reason for the season. What can we do to have Jesus help clear out the things that prevent us from seeing Him?