This 8-session Bible Class led by Pastor Tony Slavin is an exploration in how God providentially oversaw the process from the inspiration of the original writers to the English translations that we possess today.

We will learn the following:

  • Why certain books made it into the Bible and others did not.
  • The history and process of copying the Greek and Hebrew manuscripts.
  • The fascinating story of the English Bible from John Wycliffe (late 14th century) through the King James (in 1611) right up to today’s proliferation of translations.

Throughout the duration of the class, the question, “Can I trust the process that originated thousands of years ago and has put this Bible in my hands today?” will be answered with a strong affirmative.

Session 1

Tony introduces the concept that though our Bibles are translations from Greek and Hebrew copies of the originals, we can still be assured that we have the inspired Word of God in our hands. He also discusses the details of the Old Testament canon.

Session 2

This week we continue on with which books were chosen to be in the New Testament and what the criteria was for their inclusion. We will also talk about the infamous Gospel of Thomas and why it was never considered to be included in the NT (contra Dan Brown and the Divinci Code).

Session 3

Have you ever wondered about the reliability of the New Testament manuscripts? In tonight’s class we will dive into the riches we possess regarding the biblical manuscripts that stand behind our English translations.

Session 4

Today’s lesson will continue with the discussion about the nature and reliability of New Testament manuscripts with a discussion on what do we do if we find out that our favorite Bible passage may not belong in the Bible.

Session 5

Today we move into the history of English translations. It is a surprisingly intriguing story that even involves murder and mayhem. Who would have thought? Join us.