The Remedy to Right the Wrongness – Romans 10:9-21

By Sermons

Paul takes his conversation about the Gospel earlier in Romans 10 to where it naturally flows—action. Like a parent correcting one child while glancing over at the others to ensure they are learning a lesson, Paul calls us to learn history as to not repeat it. In essence, “learn from Israel’s mistake and REPENT!”

Paul outlines the necessity of confession and belief in Christ Alone and he encourages the believers in Rome to see no distinctions between themselves and the Jews but rather, evangelize them. Paul calls the believers and us to honor the Great Commission as more than just the Great Suggestion. He calls us to obey Christ and mobilize with a heart of compassion.

Who has God placed in your life, called you to serve or asked you to love with the purpose of sharing the life-giving, window-rattling, eternity-changing Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ?

Sermon Notes & Digging Deeper: