Memorial Day Message 2020

Digging Deeper

On this Memorial Day weekend, Tony reminds us of the vital importance of memorials in our lives. They point us to the past works of God so we can know how to walk with Him today and in the future.

Who is God/Who am I: The Compassionate Heart of Jesus

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On this Mother’s Day weekend, Pastor Tony continues the Who is God/Who Am I series. Jesus Christ, having come to show us what the Father is like, demonstrates deep compassion for those who are hurting. In the midst of your pain, our great God can be trusted to get you through it.

Who is God/Who am I: The Extravagant, Unfathomable Love of God

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Do you believe that God loves you deeply, no matter what you have done? Jesus says that the Father loves you as much as He loves Him. That is unfathomable…but it is true. Pastor Tony continues in the Who is God/Who am I series by describing the extravagant, unfathomable love of God.

Genesis 1

John 3:16

John 17:20-23

Zephaniah 3:14-17

Ephesians 2:1-10

Romans 5:6-10

Easter Service 2020

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During these times of uncertainty, many people’s hope of a good future is weakening but we can have a certain hope of the future because of God’s power displayed in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Pastor Tony takes us from the Resurrection to the presentation of Jesus as the Lion and the Lamb in Revelation 5.

Who is God/Who am I: The Sovereignty of God and the Death of Jesus Christ

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This day in history is known as Palm Sunday where Jesus triumphantly enters Jerusalem on a donkey fully aware that by the end of the week he will be crucified. Pastor Tony continues his series on Who is God/Who am I with a look at how God sovereignly planned His own Son’s death in order to bring salvation to all who believe. We will see how God’s plan cannot be thwarted, but our choices are fully our own and we are responsible for them.

Who is God/Who am I: The Sovereignty of God and Our Purpose Today

Digging Deeper

Pastor Tony brings another installment of the Who is God/Who am I series. This week he introduces the important topic of the sovereignty of God as it relates to human responsibility. In these unprecedented times, using the books of Daniel and Esther, Tony suggests that by God’s sovereign will we have been placed just where God wants us to minister to others.

Who is God/Who am I: Our Incomparable God (part 2)

Digging Deeper

Pastor Tony continues in the Who is God/Who Am I series, covering part 2 of “Our Incomparable God”. Given the current world situation with the COVID-19 pandemic, just what have we become focused on to get through this? God is sovereign and is still in control. We must ask ourselves “Do we really trust Him to do what’s best for us during these uncertain times?” or “Are we constraining Him due to our limited understanding of what He wants to do?”